Saturday, August 05, 2006

It was a really good shoe

Good morning ya'll. Yesterday, as most of you know, I had a showing of my photographs at a new used bookstore in town. It was the opening of the place. There were great crowds for a summer night, thank you all who was able to make it. Those who couldn't I felt your loving spirit.

I still consider it a success though I didn't sell anything. Got a lot of good feedback and I think there'll be future sales and if not well pick out your favorites you MAY get them for Christmas. lol. Either way it was great. OH! and my name was in the paper. No, not on the police blog, and not in the obits (thank God), but in the Compass section under the art walk area. That was worth the price of a sell out even if my wallet would argue.

Until we meet again.


mom, Nana, Mena,Sue, Pick one said...

I know in my heart that you will be famous Nance your a terrific artist and I am SOOO proud of you!!!!
They don't call it being a starving artist for nothing sis.

I am only One of your biggest fans!

Terry said...

That is awesome picture, Congradulations! Even though you didn't sell it's the experience and then, you will sell. I have a feeling. We are proud!.
How Cool to have your name in the paper and not on the police blog. Can you let us know if they have a website to where I can see your name in the paper and make a copy for my scrabbook,it will be added to all my famous people.
Love ya, Terry
We were there in Spirit!.