Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mada's freedom flight

Upon this day at 8:05pm 3 years ago Mada left this world as we know it. Today I still weep, though the tears aren't as fat,I still miss her. Selfish? Maybe. Though I can now celebrate as I smile between the tears as I imagine her running as she never had, talking as she never could and giggle as I used to think that I bet she wouldn't shut up for weeks. I'm sure my mother got an earful.

What were your memories dear one? Do you still dance with Ashley in the field of flowers in your pretty dresses? I know you look around I found your gifts of feathers. Though there was more then a time or two I had to look for the cat with a smile on it's face. Never saw it. Cher's songs have seemed to become the 'code', for I can now smile and turn up the song as her songs come on. They just don't play as often. I still get weepy when I hear Evanesence's song "My Immortal", but not like last year when it tore me to the soul.

I started a poetry journal I've titled "Lucid Moments" as they seemed to be. Quite a few are written for you little girl. Here are a few of my favorites:

Death whispers its song
Upon my daughters sweet soul
And the desert blooms

I mourn so deeply
I'd rather lay with your bones
And sleep for all time

On gossamer wings
My heart breaks a thousand times
As she flies away

Among the living
I find I can laugh again
With a different slant

Her smile is so sweet
The most beautiful blue eyes
She is now a dream

Will you paint the stars at night?
Of my summers evn' sky
As your spirit soars
So does my heart mourn
I look to find you all around
Right before my eyes
Shining brightly
As stars against a midnight sky
So before we say good night
Will you paint my stars at night?

Well my darling daughter good night. I love you so much. But you already know that don't you?



Terry said...

Mada is looking down on you and knowing she is at peace. She has a whole new body and like you said, running free.
God is taking care of her!. Your not selfish, your her Mother.

Love you and Wish I knew Mada.


mom, Nana, Mena,Sue, Pick one said...

Run like the wind Mada Girl your whole again and pain free, you are one of the 2 strongest people I have ever had the pleasure of loving and I can't wait to see you again my angel girl.

You my darling sister are the other strongest person I have had the pleasure of loving,Mada is just waiting for your time to join her and throw her arms around you again, she is goning to talk your ear off

I love you both dearly.