Friday, May 09, 2008


I was talking with Brenda yesterday; she told me about several vortex's in the area where they either absorb energies or give energies.

I've heard they're good places to give your problems to, I've done it myself. What energies we give produces consequences, even if we give them to Earth. Earth is a living breathing ancient entity as we are, it communicates differently, is that why we dismiss it? That's for another time. But the energies have to go full circle, when releasing them it's absorbed and produces another type of reaction.

Seasons and cycles are for renewing, re-energizing, rebirth. There are many types of seasons despite the immediate ones presented weather type, the ice ages themselves are a season of their own. As we do, aging, going through experiences, etc.

A sudden thought occured as we were in the middle of that conversation; what if we - one or more - gave positive affirmations of peace and harmony? What kind of outcome could that create?

Yeah, I'm sounding more and more like a 'hippy', but I've learned to follow my instincts as we are all connected. We are made from the dust of Earth, stars, the universe, and will go back to being dust of the Earth. 'From dust to dust' has distinct meaning, in between the dust particles I will create the beauty I can.

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Mike said...

Earth, the Universe, all of us, can ask no more of another than to create beauty. I love you.