Monday, May 19, 2008


Memories of Mada have been fluttering in and out of my mind over the past several days; touching me now and again with the profound loss, in moments. Is the squeeze a hug on my heart by her?

Today on my break I saw a huge yellow and black Western Tiger Swallowtail and a thought entered my mind as quickly as it was fluttering by. "That is what she would choose" the words echoed with laughter, hers, because she loved yellow, and butterflies. As my heart squeezed in her hug, I smiled.


Mari-jane said...

It's those "moments" that remind us they are all around us. Oh how Mada would enjoy those wings!

Jackie said...

Thoughts of those whom we love keep us close. Mom has been on my mind and in my dreams a lot lately.
You take beautiful pictures! What talent! Love you!

Mom and Nana, I am both! said...

Mada is very missed by you and though I don't know your pain I do know your sorrow,she is loved by us all and so are you.

Love you sis.