Saturday, November 17, 2007

A 'Nottinghill' Run

Though I hadn't worked with MaryMargaret for long I was fortunate to get to know a very nice, refind young lady embracing her journey into the 'world' with this being her first job. I was honored to be asked to share her good bye breakfast with another one of her mother figures I work with, Terry. We took her to the El Tovar; once completed we collected her (heavy) luggage and took her to Maswik to await her shuttle.

After leaving her there we ran back to the Bright Angel front desk to pick up a few things and Terry started taking me home. Approaching my place we noticed MM's sweetheart looking forlorn on the bench waiting for the approaching bus.

"Look there's Yudi!" I yelled as I rolled down the window while she whipped her car behind the bus beeping her horn. Shoving him in the back seat she zooms back to Maswik; as we pulled in we noticed the shuttle in the parking lot. As she pulled up quickly, I was out the door before the car stopped to let him out quickly. The driver, noticing the exchange, was kind in taking his time waiting.

Terry and I had to smile knowingly at the moment of memory we became part of. As we left the scene of this sweet memory Cher's song 'Believe' came on the radio.

Young, sweet, innocent love; whether it lasts or not is still a step into the 'world'. Despite our ages and experiences we all have our timeless, nostalgic memories that brings a smile to our lips. A memory that touches our hearts with warmth at the memory. I feel I can speak for Terry when I say we're honored to become a lasting memory in the heart of a sweet young girl. Bon Voyage MM.

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