Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dinner party...

Had our first dinner party since we've been here. I invited Mary who is leaving and David over for dinner. Mary asked Yudi (who is also leaving) to stop by which I'm glad he did. David and I shared our fabulous photography. Mary shared her future plans with us and we all consumed my famous Rachel Ray pasta recipe. I thought I made too much, but it turned out to be just enough.

Susan brought home from Williams a PIE. I capitalize the word since these pies are HUGE. It is or was a whipped chocolate and peanut butter pie with peanut butter morsels sprinkled on top. The pie is so big it had to be transported in a cake box. She had called to find out which kind to bring home for desert, it was a hard decision. Even though I had to decide, I still wonder what the strawberry and peanut butter is like. I figure it must be good or they wouldn't sell it. So maybe when I get to go to Williams I will try it.

Susan was telling me about the lights being on in Williams, and having friends over for dinner felt good but rather nostelgic. I miss having people over for dinner, wine and fantastic conversations; what I really miss is the get togethers we used to have last year. I miss the laughter of children, the easy conversations of goings on and the 'family' we are.

Earlier today I found a bottle of wine I had to buy; the brand name is 'Three Blind Moose'. I could almost hear Mada yelling her "ahhhh!" and Kie giggling as I saw the name of the wine and picked up a bottle. It had to be since I just wandered over to see what was hidden behind a shelf. It was after I got home and put the radio on the computer on when I heard songs for both girls. In the meantime I'm saving it for a personal celebration, of what I don't know yet, but I look forward to that celebration whatever and wherever it may be or for.


Anonymous said...

Hey! that pie sounds great! The wine, I could go for some. I will be in Jax for 5 days. Wish you there. ROAD TRIP!!(LOL) Glad your making friends and adventuring, I still envy you, I haven't done it yet.

Canyonette said...

DINNER PARTY??? I wasn't invited??? LOL.