Thursday, November 29, 2007

Beautiful day

Wow, what a week it has been and today is my 'Thursday'. I had the canyon crud (flu in the outside world), all last weekend into the beginning of my week. Kicked butt on Sunday with the housekeeping team at Maswik; it was a great work out. Needed to sweat out the toxins. The past two nights have been brutal. Tonight was wonderful as the guests came in not in droves, but good timing; enabling us to spend time with them answering questions and potential questions. A beautiful day.

Been working nights (3-11:30) last week, this week, next week, and a peek at the new schedule shows it that way again. I guess people won't be asking so much why are my cheeks red. Just when I came up with a good answer (because I don't like green?). I always have red cheeks when I'm out in the sun here, which is most of the time when I can. Though this week due to the illness and night owl hours it's fading. I'm missing my 'healthy glow.'

Went to dinner with Mike (a guy who works at the transportation desk) the other night and one of my favorite servers asked if he was my husband. He chuckled as I looked at her seriously and said 'Uh, no'. Bless her heart.

Got my watercolor paper - thank you Rina and Looking forward to some 'art' time. I can feel it building, it's starting to seep as I wrote a haiku yesterday morning.

Passages of time
Images in the shadows
Writings on the walls

Haven't heard about the accounting position yet, but got a call from another department in accounting asking me to check out their opening if I didn't get it. I love it, makes me laugh.

Tomorrow is my Friday, soon December will be here along with the rest of the 'holiday swing', and then 'poof' the new year. Some people wait for the new year to make those resolutions of change. Why wait? Most know August 23rd as a difficult day for me personally, it is one that will live in infamy. However I celebrate it too, as it was the first day of my new job in my new life. Knowing deep in my heart my child was celebrating for me makes it a chocolate day. Bitter but sweet; bittersweet the best kind. I only use that as my personal example because it was a new celebration. It is a time when I look back and relish the tremendous support system that held onto me through the darkest of my grief that I am truely grateful. Through them, and the strength I never fathomed I had, each day becomes a celebration of its own. It's when another personal growth is experienced do I find a new year.

Have a beautiful day.


Mom and Nana, I am both! said...

I will always be here to blow wind into your sails anytime you need it.

Anonymous said...

IM So glad to hear that you, are happy, sounds like this was a good move for you, hope I can find the same. You, will always have the support you need.

Love ya