Wednesday, August 15, 2007

When one door closes...

Freedom! Shouted from within the walls of home. A healthy hand clap from David as I emerged no longer en employee of the hotel. My nerves gave a current of unknown excitement with the butterflies flapping. It was really nice how many people sought me out to give a hug. The 'best damned chocolate chip cookies' were gone in record time - 2 hours, Jeff brought in baked ziti, another great pasta dish with ham, peas and a cream of mushroom sauce and a bodacious spinich salad with tropical fruits - yum. I turned in the very unflattering blue shirts, my name tag and walked out the front doors.

Today I still think I'm just having a day off, and think I have to get up for work, when the work is more clearing of my abode. It's strange to see it so bare. David has been so nice to help with the use of his truck and muscles for the things for storage. Brad came over today to help, gosh it was good to see him. Thank you my cute young muscley friends - hell at my age any young man under 30 is cute!!!

Of course my best friend T who keeps riding the waves of changes as I call with we'll be plans have changed....etc. Hey now she knows what it's like to be in my loop. Scary, huh?

All in all, after one door closes...walk to the open one.

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Anonymous said...

how correct you are, I saw you called and I need to call you, I was at my new job, and boy IM getting old my patients are way too thin.
I can't believe that time is near,so near, you will do well and you know you can return. I wish I could see you before going. You have all my info, glad you had a wonderful party. All the jobs I applied to are now calling after taking one IM not sure about.
Safe and Happy Trails, your going to do so well, I hope we see lots of pics on your blog.
Love you Girl!