Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Adventure Begins...

It seemed like a blur to get from Florida to the Grand Canyon but we made it here on Monday August 20th. Thank you MJ for the beautiful card that brought on the waterworks, you always have a way to do that.

Pictures do not do the canyon justice, there is just no replacing looking at it from one's own eyes. Exquisite, beautiful, and any other definitive terms one could describe beauty is not enough. It brought tears to my eyes to see it, one can smell the pine in the air. The animals are unique in their environment; it still amazes me to look over my shoulder and see it there.

I will be back on line 9/4, at that point I will post pictures of the 12 point elk that decided to have his dinner at the local juniper tree across the street from us. Boy are we tourist! When the mule deer decided to have a late night snack under our window that's when I started feeling like a character from Northern Exposure. Good thing I loved that show.

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Anonymous said...

glad you made safely, one of my friends at my group at church just went there too, and he said after looking at it, if you don't believe in God you will when you see it, he said it was breath taking my sister is also moving to Arizonia.