Monday, August 06, 2007


In my belly. Time draws ever so close to the 17th and the departure date. Still so much to be done, but still a bit accomplished. I cannot thank my friends for all of their help with everything including being the great cheering section they are. Every time I touch the globe on my charm bracelet I think of them and as MJ put it, the connection we have where ever we are.

I look forward to texting on each leg of the journey, and calling with new discoveries. I look forward to hearing the stories from here as time progresses for each one of us. This weekend is my last weekend in St. Pete. Time to say good by to the Yaya's - a different set of friends I've kept over the years from working at a luxury hotel on the beach. 3 out of 4 of us are now grandmothers. Did I ever think about that title bestowment? How do we picture our grandmothers. Though MJ and I are the only two at this point grandmothers in the core group, we like to think, or maybe we are, creating a new imagry our children or grandchildren think of when one hears the term 'grandmother'.

By starting to pack my clothes, the new coats and stuff, I guess that made the determination of the move being more 'real'. It was funny at work, a co-worker commented on me coming back like I did last time. I ended his sentence with 'for a visit' as the last time I left and came back was for a totally different reason. Then I wanted to just close my eyes and not wake up, now I want to keep my eyes wide open.

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