Saturday, June 09, 2007


I remember a beautiful little elvish girl constantly asking her mother the same question; "Why?" After given answer after answer after answer the question remained, only to be finalized by a stern "Because!". It didn't suffice then, and it doesn't now when we are the ones left behind echoing the words of a little girl, "Why?"

Happy Birthday Kierra, have a dance with Mada for me.

Love Auntie Nancy

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Anonymous said...

okay!!!, I may not have the children but, for some reason I feel the pain, I never knew Mada but feel like I know her, I can't wait to meet her.IM sure I will know who Mada is when I get there, as God said we will be able to know the ones we lost. For now, her and Kierra have each other and all the other loved ones that are with them celebrating today. Happy Birthday Kie We love you Mada!!. I have had the kleenex today.