Sunday, June 03, 2007


"I'm at a place called Vertigo, it's something that I wish I didn't know, but you give me something I can feel" from the song Vertigo by U2.

I resound with those words as the life is spinning in it's own inner ear infection. haha. Beware my humor is becoming dark as we've learned from the continuation of experiences meaning death and more death, it's how we handle it. Sorry there just isn't any more tears, though a few will seep now and again; I'll let them. Now irony keeps laughing with it's stupid innuendos like the time my ex and I lost 8 people in 1 year. I once told my other ex "Aren't you glad you're no longer related?" he didn't think that was funny. I did, because at that time I wished I wasn't the one related.

A dear dear friend has let me know he has 90 days or less to his time with us on this plane. Like Mada (who helped plan her funeral), he goes on the same planning for the outcome absorbing the love from us who love him dearly and will continue to do so as a light in and around us. I thought this wasn't supposed to happen till I turned 90!!! Damn it MJ, Terri and Dori, we'd better all go together in our sleep in the same French or Italian Villa we retire to AFTER we've all hit the century mark. For some reason we are a core; I know you're part of mine. After all you're the first I call, no matter what.

So the fire is now lit under my ass. Know anyone who needs furniture?

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