Friday, May 11, 2007

Time Passages

I had to laugh as I read MJ's blog about being lost in Yawnkars, after all that's phoenicly Southern. As she had found her new home, getting lost is sometimes getting found. Which I don't think Brian would've appreciated a call for bail money.
Time seems to slip by in the breeze (tainted with smoke for now), but where it seems like yesterday we were lost in Yawnkers, here it is almost half way through May!
Most already know I've accepted a position at a hotel in the Grand Canyon, I will be leaving here in the fall. In the meantime I am downsizing literally and figuratively as my writing continues. A story borne from the first inkling of this move is still evolving, with a bit more to go but something that I want to finish before I move. Susan is back living with me, it's been a good experience for her and me as I will be living with someone in a dorm room when I move. Not too bad, I think or hope, for someone who's been alone for 9 plus years?!
Despite the cruix of being anxious to go West, I'm needing to sort through all sorts of stuff - once again literally and figuratively, to go onto a new journey. In the meantime...the story continues

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Anonymous said...

Wow! CONGRAUDLATIONS! I hope it all works well for you. This is the first I heard, and I hope things go good with your move. ROAD TRIP!