Monday, May 21, 2007


The bridge of the old song rings through my mind as changes swirl all around; a mist of vapors echoing with words, dreams, visions, actions - real and imagined.

Why? This has been the most oft asked question to my announcement of going to the Grand Canyon; and "Why not?" is usually my answer. As much as I want to call them and try to get there early, I hold back. Saying goodbye to much loved items and the memories associated with them (I'm not saying good bye to my friends.), change boils the tea down to what really matters the most. How can I live without this or that? It's the memories associated with the items; like my grandmothers Hudson Bay blanket - which is going with me. That blanket kept me warm throughout my life; it was my cocoon when I was a teenager, it nursed me through fevers, dried my tears and was the presence of continuity when I moved with extreme little. So off we go on another adventure.

Looks like my sister will be going to the Grand Canyon too. It'll be nice to know someone there, and to have a room mate that can deal with my habits and wierdness. Not to mention I know MJ will have a backup person to report my goings ons. Especially if there should ever be a 'stable manager' -ha ha.

Preparations begin. I got the camera to start. The Rebel XTi with a 300 mm lens. Right now I'm getting to know it, we're becoming friends, despite my frustrations with the 'computer' brain in it; it's teaching me to think outside the proverbial box so that when we become inseparable the pictures will be AMAZING. In the meantime (isn't there always a 'meantime'?), I grunt, issue a few colorful words, then read the manual and find all I had to do was push a button. Hmmm. Learning process.

Which feeds into the contemplation of Terry's blog on obits. I'll write one, but after I've thought deep about it. It's a well thing.


Anonymous said...

See, your's would be really good, with all the adventures your going to be going. Trust me, IM thinking of mine as we speak, and all the places you taught me to go and it isn't good bye to your friends as we are always here for you, it's hello new world!. As for Tom Hanks say's in you've Got Mail hello New Jersey, it will be Hello Colorado to you, glad to hear sis is going on the adventure! Love you!

Mari-jane said...

No matter where we go, or how far apart we are, there is a connection. That will not change.. I think distance can give a person a better appreciation of what they have, not what they think they have "lost". I think it will be an awesome experience.. you go girl!