Saturday, April 14, 2012

I go a walkin'

Ok, the Patsy Cline song goes through my mind as I FINALLY review the photographs from my hike down to Phantom Ranch two months ago. I walked down the Bright Angel Trail, to the dismay of many with various good arguements however I knew that is the way I wanted to go and as stubborn as a mule I held onto that itinerary. Glad I did.

The first mile and a half was pretty much ice as I started out before sunrise. Once I got past mile and a half house it became patchy until the 3 mile house. Whoever said the trail gets easier after mile and a half; LIED. It doesn't until after 3 mile house.

I became truely entranced by the sheer capaciousness and yet that word cannot describe the transcendence that comes upon one when walking into the middle of this; for there are no words in any language that describes the ascention of spirit; and this is what makes hiking into this canyon so personal. The transcendence of one.

A swallowtail lead me across the pretty tributary. I now understand why so many people like to just visit Indian Gardens; it's beautiful.

Made it!!!

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