Saturday, October 09, 2010


In the paper this morning I saw a quote from a lawyer talking about what a few banks are doing: putting on hold foreclosures. He stated (and I'm not going to quote because I already threw out the paper), about how this will greatly affect the mortgage forclosure industry. Well personally I think that is one industry that really needs to go bye-bye. Wishful thinking I know but it has gotten waaayyyy too big for it's britches, as in the case of several people who had paid up front for their house and the bank foreclosing on the home - that is out of hand.

On another front a survey says people will back a tax for the light rail between St. Petersburg and Tampa, my question is: What happened to the stimulus money that was to be used for that? If it's already been used that would be nice to know, but where has all the costs come from for the surveys, meetings, and other expenditures to determine if the light rail is even a viable necessity for this area?

Then there is the question of what ever happened to paper drives? I remember as a child our schools doing paper drives for the newspaper, but then at that time there was the St. Petersburg Times and the Evening Independent.

To quote one of my favorite articles in the paper; "that's all I have to say" for now

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