Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hello, good bye

Moving day approaches.

Yes. Several weeks ago I came to a decision with a dear friend who has adopted me as her daughter since I was pregnant with Brittany. She lives in Ohio and I hope she's realized what she's agreed to when she said she'd love to have me.

So this next Tuesday I'm spending the night at Flagstaff, then heading East to Ohio on Wednesday morning. It is something I've been wanting to do for some time but didn't face the courage to ask her. Glad I finally did.

So here's the start of a list of things I will miss:

My family of friends
Sun in winter
Sparing elk
Friday night Wii night at Patrick's
A lot of my customers that I've deveolped a good relationship with

I'm sure there will be more additions once I'm gone, I guess I'm still a bit numb with preparations and all that.

I remember on our way (my sister Susan and I)out here we passed a field of yellow flowers where I could actually see my youngest child dancing in the field. I thought to myself that was my welcome to the canyon.

The other day I saw a young girl in a wheel chair, she looked exactly like my youngest when she was younger it stopped me in my tracks, but I smiled sweetly and said "Hello sweetheart" and whispered to my self as I walked away "I still miss you"

That was my good bye to the canyon.

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