Saturday, December 26, 2009

Destination Phantom Ranch - Made it!

Our Cabin, isn't it pretty?

From outside our cabin. It's like fall the the cottonwoods yellow.

This is the next day; when my left hand was swollen like a blown up glove. I figured I'll go the ranger station and get a cortosone shot. Well, I was surprised by the action.

Last view from the ground as the doctor ordered them to fly me out. I was really surprised - the blisters on my feet, and my calve muscles were sighing in relief.

But I will have to go back down (the Bright Angel Trail!) and do it right by hiking out.

I look forward to the pictures Zac got as he was able to stay on the 2nd night and hiked back up the Bright Angel Trail. Our things were duffled out on the mules.


Mom and Nana, I am both! said...

What the heck you walk down and take the elevator up.
I am so glad your ok!

Bernie said...

Finding your blog is totally random, yet an amazing thing fir me because I have this crazy idea that I want to hike down Bright Angel Trail to Phantom Ranch and back out some time in the next two years. I'd like to reach out to you some time to learn more about your adventure.

Great photos on your blog!