Saturday, August 29, 2009

Summer reflections

Hard to believe September is just around the corner, and soon Christmas will follow. August at least the end of it has seen grief especially for one of my best friends and her family; I cry with them. To me it extended the time that comes around every year and each year is different; not always better, not always worse but different. I've been going through my vastness of photographs and made cd's for Gayle and Karen of the two times we explored together. You saw some of the Zion photographs now to reflect on the July 4th parade in Prescott, AZ (pronounced like 'biscuit'):

Never thought I'd see the Shriner's with out the little cars.

That is something I'd thought I would only see in the North East.

Now I feel more at home

This was by no means 'the end'after all isn't life a parade..

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