Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Well here it is the day after the big turkey. Normally I'd be decorating, but they won't have trees here until the 10th and I'm not about to attempt to go anywhere near a 'township' to get one. I'll wait until next weekend. In the mean while, the Christmas cards are out! (I addressed them while the turkey was cooking and we were cursing our oven).

Our lovely oven decided to go wierd on us; since we've moved in here it hasn't worked right but we thought we'd outsmart it by getting an oven thermometer and work with it. That worked until yesterday, when Mike put the turkey in and checked it 20 minutes later it was at 420, he turned it down, checked it, it went down to 200, and so on. The turkey was done in 3 hours when we planned on 6.

Everything still turned out great, had our 'family' of friends over; they brought the sides and we all had a good time. It snowed on and off throughout the day, then melted overnight.

I hope everyone enjoys the great open doorway to the Christmas season.


Sunni-Day said...

The boy scouts are selling trees here in CO now.
Even though we got a dusting of snow here, people were camping out in little pop-tents out in front of stores waiting for some to open at 4am, this morning.

I didn't go shopping with my brother's family until after noon....actually its the first time I ever went shopping on "Black Friday"

JS said...

I have the "sister" oven...but I'm getting a new one this week. Nah ne nah nah boo boo! Going to do lots of baking for the holidays...yum! Love ya sis!

Anonymous said...

I didn't have to worry about it this year! HURRAY!!!

Sunni-Day said...

People were crazy yesterday here...some camped outside the store while it was snowing outside waiting for some stores to open up at 4am-5:30am.
I saw online that 2 guys shot each other in a store in CA.

Terri C. said...

I was lucky. Mom and Lyn cooked for us. Had a quiet day since Dwight had to work but at least Savannah was home for the weekend. Happy to know you have a new "family". Miss you!