Thursday, March 01, 2007

Best Friends

It is through them I live vicariously; in that I mean by having someone to come home to, to put their arms around you at night, to talk with in bed, to have orgasims (it's been so long I can't spell it right!), to bicker with when you don't see eye to eye but best of all to kiss and make up because you love each other, to watch a movie on the couch cuddling and eatting popcorn, and all those other wonderful day to day things that we normally take for granted until they're gone; not to mention one who likes to do things different. Shall we not even venture onto theatre? lol. Maybe my expectations are high, but I've settled for less before and found it wanting, I'll not do it again. It's not fair to me. They each claim their own personal depths, but each of us are so very much like the ocean with multitudes of depths and are very beautiful women. What in the heck would've made us have such a strong friendship if we were not tied by the strings of time? As someone we all know and love (who'll never live it down) said so eloquently; we are the perfect woman, but I think we are perfect women.

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