Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I found a feather today, which most of you know is my kinship with Mada. I'll add it to my bowl of favorite 'gifts' in various forms from those left at my door, to those left at my feet.

I have to expound on the gifts I have and acknowledge their blessings. Not only the material things, but the true gifts of my family of friends and family. They are what make my life beautiful, as I hope, I compliment theirs as well.

Though I may live alone, I'm am not, far from it. Inspired through Hafiz here is what I wrote:

I stood out side today
The sun kissed my tears away
As the wind ran its fingers through my hair
And caressed
The warmth enveloped me within its arms
And whispered in my ear
It's sacred love.

I was irritated when I wrote "Because" due to the implication of how one cannot be happy without someone. They can't, however, because I live alone doesn't mean I am.


Mari-jane said...

Even the gifts that bring a tear, are a gift none the less..

Anonymous said...

your never alone! IM here with you weather I live far or near your always in my thoughts.