Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sultry days of summer

The apex of summer, July 4th, has come and gone with it's usual celebration and hoo raa's. Vacations are underway or have passed for others. This to me a time of "winter". Up in the Northern states the "winter" involves snow and freezing cold that chases people indoors for several months. Here in La Florida it's the "summer" that becomes "winter" as the heat is so strong it chases people indoors for several months.

This time for me is of contemplation. It gets reflected in my drawings and writings. I'll read good novels as that is what one does over the summer, and also get a book or two from a deep thinker or two like the Dali Lama or Wayne Dwyer. They have a way to put the perspective back into the daily routine. Finding the miracle in the day. Even if it's to stop and "smell the roses" it's a wonder to look at the differences in the color of the sky the shapes of clouds. I suppose someone has to do it since we're all too busy to. Funny I've come to look forward to certain natural occurances. Like when I walk from parking my car to work in between is a yard to the convent. Every year it gets sprinkled with dandelions (daisy lions as my oldest would say), but it's so beautiful. It's like the sun leaving it's golden coins on the ground to frame a beautiful old building. The capturing an image in a puddle still is the most fun. So while the dog days are here enjoy the breath of fresh air before that summer storm, hold your hand out of the car window to "make rainbows" while taking that drive, and relish the colors of the sky whether it'd be sunrise or sunset and don't forget to look at the stars at night. I wonder how many wishes are caught up there? Do you think you could see yours?


mom, Nana, Mena,Sue, Pick one said...

your a very wise woman little sister, we take for granted the simple pleasures in life, over looking the true beauty that surrounds us in a simple flower or beam of sunlight.
Thank You for reminding me that there is time to stop and marvel.

Love Ya:

Terry said...

this is so beautiful, I can't imagen walking through there, when I come to vist you will have to take me there. sometimes we forget to stop and smell the roses.
I wish I was there now considering the things that have happened to me today. I blogged it and this just made me feel a little bit better.
Love You,
Terry :)