Sunday, May 27, 2012

Backpack, purse, black shoes, hiking boots

What do all these things have in common? Well they are the 'trade-offs'. I quote the words because it has a negative connotation when these are far from being negative.

Today my favorite (and last) everyday backpack (the canyon's version of a purse or handbag) bit the dust. Like my shoes I am brutal on them. It hit me today as I referenced the backpack of being one of multiples; I remember telling my friends how once upon a time I had multiples of black shoes, now I have multiples of hiking boots. (My newest pair I blew out on the hike to/from Phantom Ranch in February.) ...and yes I have one other backpack but it's a camping pack.  Huge.

As I said; brutal.

Ok, so I've added to my collection of hiking shoes with Keen sandles, (love them), and now I think I'll go vintage on my new purse, uh, I mean backpack. 


admin said...

need any help getting a new purse, er, backpack or are ya planning a trip to flag soon?

Nancy said...

yes, looking for the 'right' pack. Not sure when I can get to Flag.