Sunday, September 06, 2009

My backyard

I decided to go down the Bright Angel Trail for just a little bit. So I put together my hiking things; water, apples, snacks, then threw in my sketchbook and pencils. I thought what the heck it certainly is a different world below the rim might as well get a practice piece in.

I ate breakfast at Maswik then moved on.

Just past the first tunnel I came to a bend that was shady, cool and had some rocks to sit on. In the center of the bend is a tall skeleton of a Douglas Fir. I was surprised the trail wasn't that busy but then the park has slowed down just a bit as school has started; so I took out my sketchbook and a 6B pencil and started.

I was more then surprised at the number of hikers who did stop to look and was quite surprised to get "nice sketch", "beautiful", and a father/daughter smiled and said "we'll check on the progress on the way back". I had to giggle. Well needless to say they did and they were very sweet, the daughter asked to take a picture of the sketch and me, and I consented, as did another lady later. At least this time they asked. What surprised me more was the reaction to just a rough sketch, a really rough one at that. So here it is:

A smaller part of the bigger whole (or hole) literally and figuratively.

On the way back I found another spot - once again around the first tunnel I will go down to tomorrow morning and sketch.

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