Sunday, May 10, 2009

May, the month for changes

May was brought in with a gusty wind of change. Mike had left on the 1st; ushering a week of realignment with myself. Friday's full moon brought out the depth of mercury retro; with communication alignments going full charge.

I have been reminded again how much my family of friends mean to me; those at long distances and those close by.

I still very much like my job I do; I've got some areas I definately need improvment but I know deep in my heart that when I have them improved I will do well.

I believe things happen for reasons; sometime we don't understand them, other times it's quite obvious. Yesterday throughout the morning people were dropping coins. The first time it passed through my mind; after the second time I got the message: Change. Not just myself; but what I accept regarding personal behavior to me - those are the most obvious. The rest will surface in time.

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