Sunday, June 29, 2008

It's a dry heat...

Yeah, well it's still hot! Here it is 7:30, the sun is setting and we have relief. We're at the point of having 40-50 degree differences between night and day and boy do we look forward to it. So between yesterday and today, Mike and I haven't done much; at least until we felt like stirring in the later afternoon/evening.

I did take advantage of the long lull in the wait for the breath of fresh air this afternoon and completed a drawing! Whoo hoo, another step. So here it is folks, 'Fancy Dancer':


Mari-jane said...

Good to see the results of those artistic, creative fingers you have! Love the photos, but your inner art brought to life seems to be more "alive" to me! Love ya, MJ

Lisa J. Michaels said...

I love the movement and color in this piece! It's really joyful, the way the subject is up off the ground. Nice composition as well.

Now for the technical stuff.

The hand looks a bit disproportioned, but it's only because we can't see the arm that's attached! Here's a good opportunity to use your creative license, and move a few feathers aside so that we can give the hand a reference point.

The leg that is raised has fringe that is colored, yet the fringe on the other leg is not. I think it would help the viewer's eye if you went ahead and colored that fringe as well. It will pull the eye down, to encompass the illustration as a whole. (Ideally, you want the eyes to move around the entire piece in a circular motion, taking it all in, in equal parts.)

I feel that it is yet unfinished.

You began with rich colors, and you could really enhance this by choosing a surrounding color for your background. (Maybe a warm, marbled tan/leathery look) Remember, white comes in many shades and is enhanced and transformed by shadows and color. Your white feathers will take on a new, more realistic life with contrasting color against/behind them!

Over-all, my opinion is that this is a piece worth the time it'll take to complete it. Native-american illustrations are very popular everywhere. You would have a good chance at selling this!

You got it goin' on girl!

Big HUGS, Lisa