Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I wonder

I wonder if there are lightening bugs out West? Will the crickets sound the same? Is it true one can smell the wild sage on the breeze? What is the night music and how will it differ? Can tree frogs live in that climate? Will thunder boom, roll or roar?

I look forward to seeing the stars, I hear one sees more falling stars out there. How will the landscape look painted in the monochrome colors from the moon's watery glow? Do they put Christmas lights on cactus'?

This and so much more....I wonder.

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Anonymous said...

sure they do, this is one of God's most wonderful places I hear it makes people realize there is a God.
Can't wait for pictures!. I could just imagen seeing the stars, and I heard it is simply breath taking.
Still wish I could see you before you go!