Saturday, January 27, 2007

History, or something like that

My oldest sister graciously offered her log on to a geneology site which is proving to be rather ambigious at best. On my own I did find my grandmothers marrige info and subsequently discovered her full name. Nannah Edith Camburn.

No one I know has any information on her lineage, father, mother, etc so I'm finding tid bits here and there. Census records mostly, though those aren't so detailed. Unfortunately birth and death records get pricey so those will have to be garnered slowly.

Like a tree that grows.


Mari-jane said...

Very Cool.. Your Nana was really a Nannah! You have always been good with creating trees.. how neat to find the roots. Love ya, MJ

Terry said...

that is awesome that you can look up members of family and learn so much about them.