Friday, March 17, 2006

Top of the day to all and Happy St. Patty's day. This seems to be a popular mode of sharing thoughts, feelings, etc. More like an online diary. Much different then back in the day when my best friend and I would mail our diaries to each other to put in our thoughts etc. Ahhh, the age of technology.
I'm looking forward to having a new title of 'grandmother' added to my list. Quite an honor. Though my daughter nicknamed the poor girl "Bob" I myself have dubbed her "Female' Abcde" the 'e' is long. I think I like "Bob" better. My favorite father-in-law was named Bob. It's with his memory I think of when she calls her that. I wish I could be with her to go through the growing pains with her; though I'm glad on one hand I'm not as she can blast a lot of anger when not in the best mood. Pregnancy? Hormones rage. I am looking forward to being there when the beloved little one arrives so I can coo and cuddle with the best of them. A summer baby. I feel for Boo going through the hardship she's had during the pregnancy; mine didn't happen until afterwards. I pray everything goes well and want more then anything their eternal happiness. That latter is up to them.

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